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Mark Swallows Foreign Friend + Q & A

27 minutes


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, Consensual, Mouth Play, Vore, Tongue, Muscle, Belly Explore, Q & A (long one!)


SUMMARY: Mark's friend from Germany pays him a visit to ask him a big favor- swallow him whole! The jock whole heartily agrees to do so. What concludes is a massive hot vore experience! This time Mark is a friendly Giant. No bullies. No evil. He enjoys savoring his friend's body down his throat. 


PLOT: Knock Knock!


"Who are you?" Mark asks.


"It's me, Silas! From Germany!" 


"Oh what's up buddy!" Mark invites his friend in. Silas gets right to the point. He's been Mark's biggest fan forever. And he wants him to actually gobble him up. He's loved his lips, tongue and throat for so long, that imagination will no longer do. 


"Hmm...well I do have a way to shrink dudes. I guess I could do it." Mark agrees. They sit down to write down the plan. 


The next visit, in POV, Silas visits Mark again. Mark shrinks him down playfully, and starts the fantasy by lotioning his pecks up. Silas is now only an inch tall. He goes into Mark's navel, and then Mark starts to lick on him. Just to tease of course.


In the big showdown, Mark tosses Silas into his maw. "You like my big ass pink tongue on your body don't you Silas? Yeah. This is a fantasy come true buddy." He tosses him around the mouth quite a bit. Drooling, spitting, pushing him in and out of his thick lips. There is a LOT of mouthplay here.


Finally the grand finale. "Ready to go down to my belly, Silas?" Mark easily gulps his friend down to his muscular stomach, giving it some pounds. Now Silas can be part of Mark forever. ]


What proceeds is a Q & A where Mark is asked questions directly from the customer about what he would do if in REAL life, he had a chance to swallow a tiny. Can he do tongue tricks? What's his favorite part about vore in general? It's a nice added bonus to an already steamy Giant scene. Once again Mark delivers. 


NOTE: The title mentions this is the steamier version of the clip. That is incorrect. This version is the original copy. Clips4Sale includes about a minute more of footage that has a scene not posted here. 


Mark Swallows Foreign Friend + Q & A

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