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Mark Summers vs Tiny CoWorker

Mark Summers has just returned on business, and calls his boss to thank him for the promotion. As he hangs up the phone, he digs into his suit pocket and reveals a tiny box- with a 1/2 inch tall man trapped inside. "You know, you've always been really short. But now I shrunk you, and you're even shorter. Which is why I got the promotion, and you didn't." Laughing, he plays with him a little bit with his hands before landing his big, black dress socked feet on him. Easily throwing him into the carpet, he walks around him. "Smell my stinky feet loser", Mark laughs. As the torture continues, the socks come off to reveal Mark's sweaty, manly barefoot. Mark compares himself to a Giant, easily suffocating the little guy in-between his toes, sarcastically apologizing for landing them on him, and ending the scene by landing him in a dress shoe and walking around with him trapped. HOT verbal interaction, and full 1080 60p resolution!


14 minutes

Mark Summers vs Tiny CoWorker

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