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Mark Summers: Dr Stretch 2

19 minutes


THEMES: Giant, Shrinking, Verbal, Mouth Play, Tongue Play, Drooling, Foot Stomping, Muscle Flexing, Stretching, Armpit Play, Armpit SOLO action, Outdoor Cinematography


Dr. Mark is back, and is having a nice autumn day in his Las Vegas backyard. On his patio. “I’m Dr Summers. This is my house. A doctor’s house. All 1 acre of it. In Las Vegas.” The sarcasm continues and then he picks up a tiny dude in one of his massive plants. “What’s this? One of the natives? So tiny and pathetic.”


“It’s interesting though. Seems like he can stretch in any direction. And the come back to his normal form.” The puzzled Doctor begins to stretch the tiny man, starting with his legs and arms. He’s like an elastic toy! And no matter how much Mark does it, the tiny goes back to his normal shape after being pulled apart. 


“I wonder what else I could do to him. I should take him over here for some more testing.” Mark sits underneath his patio roof with the tiny stretch dude. He begins putting him inside his massive, warm, huge mouth. Slurping him in and out- and stretching his useless body again- showing how insignificant the tiny is, and how powerful his mouth is. He licks on him over and over, drooling as well.


“HAHAHA! I wonder how CHEWY he is?” The sarcastic doctor chuckles, continuing the mouth torture. Mark then gets more comfortable and takes off his Doctor shirt. He starts flexing with the tiny on his pecs. Growling like a beast as he shows off his strength. 


He then places the loser between each of his sweaty, hairy armpits. He makes another muscle and laughs at the pathetic existence of this patient who has no control of the situation at hand.  “How do you like those BIG sweaty pits, you little bitch?” The giant taunts him. He continues to toy with him using both his armpits. “Check the other one too.”


“Yeah sniff these giant stinky armpits”, the giant demands. He makes the loser get right inside of them for intense action and domination under the jock’s upper arm.


Mark then shows off his armpits without the tiny, and for a few minutes you get to really seem him flex and show off his hairy underarms. In all their glory. He rubs his hands through the thick hairs. He licks one of his pits sensually. Mark is all man!


The Doctor then takes off his scrubs, and starts stomping on the tiny stretch loser barefoot in his grass. “Smell my dirty ass feet you pathetic loser”, Mark giggles. He even sits down and stretches the tiny body out between his wrinkled, dirty toes. The scene ends here, as once the jock has his foot fun- he simply gets up and walks away- leaving the loser in the hot sun.

Mark Summers: Dr Stretch 2

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