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Mark Shrinks CoWorkers & Boss

21 minutes


THEMES: Live Foot Worship, Shrinking, POV, Shoe Play, Foot Worship, Vore, M/F (shrunken employees)


Jimmy, the boss, has come back from a business trip and sees his top model, Mark, lounging in his office. Mark is smiling and rocking his shoes back and forth. 


“Where are the other employees?” Jimmy asks… 


“No idea big Jim; however, that isn’t why I am here” Mark says as he stretches his legs out. Jim is flustered and blurts out--


“You know about my foot fetish?” 


Mark chuckles a bit.


“I do now”  he pauses and smiles as starts to take control. He loves being the alpha and this moment has been months in the making. 


“I also know about the bailouts of the company, how none of that money went to the company and all into your pocket”  Mark continues


“How the hell did you find out?” Jim starts to say but Mark stops him.


“How about you start to worship my big feet first and then I’ll tell you everything…” Mark says as he wiggles his foot.


“Fine, but you better not tell anyone. My wife would kill me if she knew….” Jim says as he starts to take off the sneakers and shoves his face in the musky cavern. 


“Damn how pathetic it is to be smelling those nasty shoes, I can’t believe you like this. Come on take big sniffs” Mark demands 


“Yeah come on bury your nose in there and take a deep whiff for me, I know how much you like toes” he says with a sadistic grin on his face.


Tired of the game. Jim demands to see the employees. Mark pulls out some tiktaks and shakes the container a bit before turning back. 


“Why don’t you just keep rubbing my feet and I’ll let you know” Mark really starts to bully Jim. The massive man taking advantage of the boss’s fetish. Mark moans a bit as his socked soles are worshiped and massaged by the pathetic boss. 


“Do you like those big stinky socks, those big smelly feet, the way it forms to your face and these toes feel in your mouth?” Mark says before demanding the socks be removed. 


“Yeah lick those big stinky fucking feet, I want to feel that tongue between my toes” Mark really starts pushing Jim. Making him degrade himself more and more. The big boss submitting to Mark. 


“Yeah get your saliva all over my big toes and my stinky feet. I can’t believe you like this you sick fuck.” Mark yells as he slowly pulls out his tiktaks once more. He holds them out and explains how all the employees have been shrunk down into these tiny candies. As Jimmy looks closer he can see their faces within. Shocked at the revelation, he looks up at Mark.


“In order for me to keep the secrets, you need to eat the employees from between my big stinky ass feet” He says with a devilish grin. Jimmy pauses and finally agrees. 


“Just go from left to right, it will be more fun that way” Mark says as he places the tinies between his large digits. One my one Jimmy consumes his employees while Mark torments and taunts him. When the last one is eaten, Mark leans forward and says


“I lied” and transforms Jimmy into the final tiktak.


“I am so excited to finally get to CRUSH you” Mark says as he SLAMS his feet down to the sides of little Jim. The tiny man bouncing up from the impact. Mark is merciless in his stomping, each step more vicious than the last. Mark drags and toys with the transformed man repeatedly taunting and bullying him. Satisfied, he decides to end this charade. Without a care, Mark pops the man into his mouth. 


The massive wet cavern has saliva stringing from the sides. His large, pink tongue easily toys and tosses the tiktak being. The body slowly breaks apart as it is SMASHED into the teeth. The acidic spit slowly melting the outer layers until…




Mark rubs his stomach as he savors the moment. 


“That was fun” he says as he gets up to leave. There are plenty more CEOs to consume. 


Adapted by MaxTiny.

Mark Shrinks CoWorkers & Boss

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