Mark Shrinks CoWorkers & Boss

21 minutes


THEMES: Live Foot Worship, Shrinking, POV, Shoe Play, Foot Worship, Vore, M/F (shrunken employees)


Jimmy, the boss, has come back from a business trip and sees his top model, Mark, lounging in his office. Mark is smiling and rocking his shoes back and forth. 


“Where are the other employees?” Jimmy asks… 


“No idea big Jim; however, that isn’t why I am here” Mark says as he stretches his legs out. Jim is flustered and blurts out--


“You know about my foot fetish?” 


Mark chuckles a bit.


“I do now”  he pauses and smiles as starts to take control. He loves being the alpha and this moment has been months in the making. 


“I also know about the bailouts of the company, how none of that mon