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Mark's Mouth Explored- Double Feature

12 mins, 30 sec


SYNOPSIS: Get the best of BOTH Mouths! Start out with Mark talking about his hot tongue, perfect teeth and throat muscles. Then watch as the jock actually talks to a fan POV and eats him, with you getting a front and center experience! 
THEMES: Mouth Play, Vore, POV, Tongue Fetish, Throat, Verbal, Teeth Play, Stomach Talk
Two (2) CUSTOM videos merged into One (1) HOT mouth video! 
PART 1: Explore Mark's pure, perfect mouth as he just opens up and talks about his tongue, throat, and clear saliva. He breathes into the camera, slowly and deeply, exhaling. "I can tell you like my fresh breath. The smell of mint." His wet tongue glistened with clean saliva. White teeth. And a deep gullet. He grabs his Adam's apple. "My nice wet deepthroat, all natural. All clean." He drools, says "Ahhh" and talks about how you like his big pink tongue. 
PART 2: "Hey Kyle, I noticed you looking at my mouth. And I was thinking about how good it would be to eat you." Then dive into him actually picking him up POV style and swallowing him whole, describing the experience the entire time. "What it would be like to have you helpless and stuck on my Giant pink tongue." Mark bites towards the camera, like he's trying to devour it whole. "I'm like a predator, and you're like my prey. I'm gonna have fun eating you." Mark has an evil grin on his face the entire time. "Just imagine my BIG POWERFUL throat muscles, squeezing you! Further and further and further down." Even the aftermath once you've been digested is talked about by Mark himself. If you're a fan of the famous Mark Summers and his tongue, this clip is definitely for you!
NOTE: Small portions of the clip have been muted so you can enjoy Mark's mouth without cameraman direction.

Mark's Mouth Explored- Double Feature

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