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Mark's Giant Athlete's Foot Problem

28 minutes 30 seconds


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, POV, Male Dress Socks, Male Barefeet, Male Dress Shoes, Unaware, Blackmail


SUMMARY: Two (2) stories in one: Mark is a corporate boss who suffers from athlete's foot, and doesn't mind making the office boy also suffer underneath them; Mark has issues scratching his socks and feet during meetings, and shrinks an office bitch to get inside his shoes to rub them. Custom Video. 




Mark is at his desk with his feet on the table. He just caught his new coworker eyeing his dress shoes in a meeting. Mark is cocky and smug. He asks him to say after the he can verbally abuse him with related statements: "I saw you looking at my jock feet in my nice dress shoes during the meeting...want you to know that I think that's sick and perverted! I bet you wanna touch, rub and sniff these perfect feet huh? Don't you?"


Mark takes off his does and puts the socked feet up teasing him. He rubs them together. "God they must stink!" He won't, however, let him touch them yet. "I'm gonna make you complete my weekly reports to the boss, and if you don't I'll be reporting your twisted perversion to HR...the choice is yours."


In the next scene, Mark finds an anonymous note on his desk:


Roses are red,

You'll soon be out of your head

As athlete's foot will torment your soles

An insane itch will take all tolls


Mark laughs and throws the paper away. He goes to work at the desk/table. He starts feeling a slight burning itch between his toes and the soles of his dress shoes. He begins to slightly shuffle his shoes on the floor. He scratches the insoles with his hands. His face shows relief. 


In the next meeting, Mark is standing for a presentation. He is presenting sales info for the company New Athlete's Foot Treatment "Jock Foot AF." He describes the product target market, including men like him- but denies he suffers from it. All the while he moves his irritated dress shoes around. 


The second story has the shrunken foot boy, whom Mark tosses in his dress shoes. "You have a job to do - get working!" Camera views of Mark sitting, standing as the itch flares up. 


The tiny dude then makes a deal with Mark. He says the jock will never be bothered by the athlete's  foot again, if he agrees to bring his other jock friends in so they can suffer from the itch- and the tiny can have fun under their shoes- and inside them. 

Mark's Giant Athlete's Foot Problem

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