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Mark Licks & Swallows Tiny

Mark Summers, the cocky Giant, has already stomped his pathetic small coworker. Now he wants to toy with him close to his mouth. "You're not even as big as one of my teeth", mocks the beast. He lifts the pathetic human close to his lips, and pretty soon is licking him to taste the salt off his body. Soon the little is thrown helplessly into Mark's massive cavern, landing on the pink tongue and being tossed around like gum as the jock mocks how the little dude is helpless. "I hope you don't suffocate in my spit you tiny little man haha". Inbetween being in and out of the jock's mouth, Mark catches hiccups too- causing the minion to be bounced around like a toy. He soon gets bored and just swallows the pathetic human into his stomach.


12 minutes

Mark Licks & Swallows Tiny

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