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Mark & Leo's Stinky Pits & Feet: So Smelly They Shrink!

Custom Video! Double feature! NEW FOOTAGE of Mark Summers and Leo. Experimental video with some neat special effects. Start with Leo coming in from a work out. He sniffs his body. "Oh fuck I stink! Oh fuck man." Leo continues to mention how sweaty he smells. "My feet smell so gross right now after that fucking work out! Aw fuck I stink so bad right now." Emphasis on the jock talking about his foot stink. He takes off his socks. Now he's barefoot, putting his size 13.5s in the camera. He grabs some tissue to wipe the sweat off of him. He sniffs his armpits again. "Something strange is happening to me. I'm shrinking. The more that I sweat, the more I shrink." Leo finds himself shrunk- next to his now massive tissue box. "Oh fuck my feet still stink! Why am I so small?" The angles change as Leo gets smaller. Eventually he disappears. 


The second part has Mark Summers coming in. "Oh man I'm ripe. Fuck I stink bad." He too has returned from a work out. He's smelling his pecks, armpits and white t shirt. He takes off his t shirt and grunts like a true jock. He sniffs his armpit. "Oh man those are stinky pits. Seriously smelly pits." Mark thinks he might have forgotten to wear deodorant - and after a gym workout too. Mark takes off his gym shoes and sweaty gym shoes. He sniffs one of the socks. "Oh man I better get rid of the other shoe." Now barefoot, Mark smells the other sock. "I have a stinky sock. I have some stinky ass feet. That is a seriously smelly foot." He notices a small tissue box. He takes the tissue and wipes himself off. But little does he realize, the tissue itself causes him to shrink - along with his own stink. "Oh fuck! I think my stink made me shrink!" The angles show him looking smaller- and now the tissue box is bigger than him. 


This is definitely a experimental custom video I did a year ago. The plot is bizarre- but you get to still see Leo and Mark both talk about their jock sweat. So an intense venture into fetishes often not explored here.


15 mins

Mark & Leo's Stinky Pits & Feet: So Smelly They Shrink!

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