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Mark & Hunter Abuse Tiny Roommate
On Christmas morning, Hunter surprises Mark Summers with a gift. "Open it up dude", he says- handing Mark a stocking. Inside the stocking is a small box. Mark opens it. "Holy fuck, it's Steven! Haha. Our fucking roommate. You shrank him!" "Yeah he wasn't paying his rent, so this is his punishment." The two jocks laugh, wearing only boxers. Both have very dirty, smelly barefeet and before kicking them up on the table with poor Steven trapped between their toes, they play catch with him. Mark easily sits on him, stomps on him, while Hunter laughs the entire time.

In the bedroom, both jocks threaten to swallow the loser down their throats. Opening wide, Hunter especially has fun licking POV style all over the tiny, while Mark has a few licks too. Then the two sit on their bed with their huge feet in the camera. They can't find Steven anymore. "Maybe we stomped him out", Mark laughs. Suddenly they discover him. He's exploring their bodies like mountains. "My chest is like a forest to this little fuck", Mark says- exposing his hairs. "Mine's a desert then", Hunter chuckles. Both agree that Steven is turned on by the whole humiliating experience and after more foot torture they finally throw him in Hunter's boxers. 2 Giants is def hotter than one! 


14 minutes

Mark & Hunter Abuse Tiny Roommate

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