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Mark Grows BIGGER

10 minutes


THEMES: Size Difference, POV, Verbal Jock, Muscle Flexing, Mouth Play, Biceps, Back, Legs, Squats, Power (no macro)


“I would get down to your level, that’s not possible.” Mark chuckles down at you. As he flexes in a black polo shirt, he brags how much more big and powerful he is Thant you. “Great chest and arms day. You’re so small you don’t even work out.” He towers over you. You’re basically midget height compared to him, and he is nothing but strength and power.


“My workouts are the best. That’s why I look like this, and you don’t.” He flexes his powerful biceps. Still bulging through his shirt. “Thinking about drinking this MAGIC potion so it will give me an edge in this competition coming up. Will help me grow.” He drinks it down and suddenly appears larger. 


“Man these pants are getting a little snug in the waist”, Mark grunts. He has grown to about 7.5 feet! Mark laughs and looks down at you. “You’re getting so small bro. OR AM I GETTING- ARGGGH- BIGGER??”


Mark takes his shirt off now, showing off his perfectly ripped stomach. “I COULD CRUSH YOU!” Mark leans in close so you’re looking into his big face. The jock is so powerful! So much stronger. It’s evident and you’re powerless now. 

“I bet you wish you could get some sloppy kisses from my big awesome mouth too”- Mark sloppily kisses you a few times. “I bet you like how my stubble feels on your face.”

After some mouth play (life size), Mark takes off his pants- now in just tight briefs revealing a perfect Godlike body! 


Intense flexing, intense power play, and no macro at all. You’re basically 4 feet all and Mark is twice your height! He starts doing squats, with his powerful butt in your view. He talks about leg exercises too. “Look at those tight hamstrings.” Mark brags more. He does back flexing too, so you see all his toned muscles from every arena! Done as a commission. 


Mark Grows BIGGER

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