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14 minutes


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, Magic, Barefoot Crushing, Butt Crushing, Verbal Humiliation, Custom, Bloopers 
SUMMARY: Mark's loser roommate finds himself a cartoon version of himself on a piece of paper. The jock has no problems putting him in his place, especially with his smelly feet, and sitting on him repeatedly. 
PLOT: Mark kicks back barefoot. "Hey roomie?" He can't find him anymore. "Where you at?" He wears boxers and a tank top. He starts looking for him under the sofa, and other spots in the living room. "Oh of course, there you are!" He picks up his roommate in a cartoon paper form. 
"There you are. This is your own fault. Under my ass again. My muscular ass. You're so small bro. I'm a Giant, and you gotta be more aware so you don't get flattened every ten seconds."
Mark puts the roommate on the floor by his huge feet to pop back up but the roommate doesn't change. He's still flat like a pancake. Mark's toes move around him playfully. Mark giggles. "So easy to squish you, when you're flat like this. Hehe."  
In POV, Mark grows the roommate a little bigger. "Now that you're of a semi- useful size. Maybe you can help me look for change under the couch." Mark grunts, bends over, his huge butt sticking out- with his tight boxer briefs. "Are you helping me out back there or just fucking around? Are you NOT being useful?"
Mark shrinks him back down, finding no use for him. Now the roommate is back as a tiny loser again- and Mark drags out his paper cartoon form from the couch. STOMP! STOMP!
"HAHAHA! Aw Man- you brought this on yourself." STOMP! STOMP! "I'm tempted to just leave you flat on the floor."
Mark grows tired. "I think I just wanna sit now." He starts sitting on the loser with his ass, up and down- on the couch. Without a care at all. The tiny one is too small." He switches positions, doing crunches on the couch. And then you get a full POV of his ass coming down on the tiny flattened speck. 
"I think this might have to be a regular thing, roomie haha!" 
Bloopers included, with Mark reading the script barefoot. 
NOTE: Minor camera direction at the end. 


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