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Mark & Brad Get Hypnotized!

12 mins


THEMES: Mind Control, Trance, Muscle Jocks, Power, Control, Commands, Submission




A potential roommate puts two jocks under his control when he's asked how he will be able to pay the rent. Skeptical at his skills, Mark and Brad soon find themselves obeying every command the man orders them to do. 


"How are you gonna pay the bills dude?" Mark asks.


"I'm a hypnotist", the man answers confidently.


"NO Fuckin way!" Brad laughs. "That stuff is so fake."


"A lot of people say that, but it's real for sure."


"YOU KNOW WHAT IS REAL? Our fuckin MUSCLES!" Mark brags, flexing. 


"Here I'll prove it to you." The hypnotist takes out an object from his pocket and dangles it in front of the two alpha males. Suddenly they appear tired, and under his control. "Soon you'll feel like you're sittin' on a cloud..." Soon Mark and Brad are in a trance.


"You both are under my control now", the hypnotist brags. "You in the green shirt", he points to Mark. "When I say Monkey, you're gonna act like a Monkey. And You-" pointing to Brad, "You're gonna be a chicken. Now when I snap my fingers, you'll have no recollection of what just happened. Yet you'll remember my commands."


When the jocks awake, the roommate asks "Anyone hungry for some chicken?" Brad starts acting like a chicken, literally clucking and flapping his arms around. Same goes for when Mark is asked to be a Monkey. HOT mind control video. "Switch. Strip." Mark and Brad take their shirts and boxers off, still acting like the animals they've been controlled to behave like.


When they awake from their trance they have no idea what's happened. The hypnotist laughs. "Why are you guys in your underwear?" The jocks look bemused. The potential roommate leaves. "That was WAY more fun than living in that house."


The whole video is done in one take!

Mark & Brad Get Hypnotized!

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