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Mario vs Tiny Bro: Ultimate Package

Get Mario foot torturing his tiny, 1/2 inch brother in the Ultimate Video Package. Get two (2) previously uploaded videos PLUS ONE BRAND NEW ONE! Start off with Mario coming home from baseball practice in smelly flip flops and dirty white socks on. He discovers his shrunken brother on the floor and proceeds to have some foot fun with him, taunting him first- then slowly making him sniff his feet. He also stomps on him, makes him cum from the humiliation, and puts him back in the sandals again. The next scene is BRAND NEW, with Mario laying back on his bed with worn socks and barefeet. A POV for the ages- as he toys with the camera and has you succumb to his size 13s- even towering over the camera. The final scene has a jealous Giant Mario upset his tiny brother got a new tiny car. So he stomps it repeatedly until is breaks and is useless.


NOTE: This video contains previously uploaded files Mario Foot Tortures Shrunken Brother and Mario Vs Tiny Bro's Car, Plus One (1) NEW Scene of Mario on Bed barefoot


29 minutes

Mario vs Tiny Bro: Ultimate Package

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