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Mario the Giant Swallows Tiny Waterboy

 Mario the Giant Jock picks up the helpless 1/2 inch waterboy and toys with him. He mocks how small he is and puts him closer to his big, massive mouth. He teases how easily he could accidentally get swallowed whole. Because he's a waterboy for the college team, naturally Mario decides to make him actually do his duties properly. He's casually tossed into a plastic bottle of water as Mariodrinks the liquid and the poor little man into his mouth. He opens his cave to reveal the tiny trapped inside a pink cavern of huge, white teeth and a big tongue. Mario then toys more with the waterboy by pretending he's chewing gum, tossing the little around his mouth. Soon this leads to Mario getting a case of the hiccups. Eventually though, it's time to send the little runt downMario's gullet. He's swallowed whole. POV Mouth shots, verbal domination and clear camerawork make this a hot item for any vore fan.


17 minutes

Mario the Giant Swallows Tiny Waterboy

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