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Mario the Giant Stomps Tiny Waterboy

Mario the Giant discovers a 1/2 inch tall waterboy on the floor. With his huge size 13s, Mario mocks the little dude for being pathetic and weak compared to a might Giant. He lifts his huge gym shoes over the spec before taking them off to reveal rank, smelly white socks. He stomps the midget a few times with his socks, revealing the tiny underneath his big sole. Eventually, the socks come off to show that Mario has the smelliest, sweatiest feet around. After acting like he won't step on him anymore, the jock gets on the floor and puts the little inbetween his big toes- laughing uncontrollably at the helpless waterboy's situation. He continues to compare himself to a Giant, and how there's nothing the speck can do but suffer the smell of his feet in misery and lust. Mario finally decides to put his shoes and socks back on- but not before dropping the little maggot inside his sock- revealing to the camera that poor little waterboy is now going to be trampled by Mario's stinky feet from the inside. It's time to go jogging now- too bad the 1/2 inch loser is along for the ride. Plenty of verbal domination, socks, barefeet and crushing.


16 minutes

Mario the Giant Stomps Tiny Waterboy

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