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Mario the Giant Stepbro

13 minutes


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, Nonconsensual, Mouth Play, Tongue, Vore, Hiccups, Verbal Humiliation, Foot Tease (briefly shown)






Start out with Mario relaxing and eating a yummy, bright orange popsicle. He big wet tongue loves the flavor of it as he gobbles it all up. Then he needs another popsicle, but there’s a problem. 


“Look at your tiny ass, stuck on my popsicle!” Mario taunts his shrunken step bro. He’s barely half an inch tall, and at the mercy of a Giant ready to bite in. 


“I should just let you CHILL here for a while- uh oh!” Mario taunts as the brother slides off the frozen treat. He starts sucking the popsicle and chomping, making the bright colored candy stick smaller and the stepbro closer to being swallowed whole by his Giant Stepbro.


“Damn bro, you keep ending up in my mouth” Mario says casually, as the tiny is covered in spit. 


Eventually the Giant ends up getting hiccups, making his stepbro slide further down his throat. He keeps putting the loser back into his mouth every time the tiny tumbles out. REALLY intense Mario vore video, with hot verbal description and amazing mouth shots. 

Mario the Giant Stepbro

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