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Mario Stomps Tiny Villagers

Mario the Giant stomps into a group of helpless, one inch tall villagers. He cockily laughs, comparing himself to Godzilla as he starts stepping on them with his smelly, huge barefeet. He laughs that the little people like being stuck and trapped under his monstrous toes. He eventually places them on a glass floor, and from here you the viewer get POV shots of the big size 13s as they encase and step down on multiple tinies. Mario eventually gets bored with the villagers, and decides they belong inside his smelly gym shoes. One by one they're thrown in the shoes as Mario gives them fates and names, and then he puts his shoes back on to go back out running. HOT, intense clip with plenty of feet action and verbal domination.


12 minutes

Mario Stomps Tiny Villagers

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