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Mario Stomps & Butt Crushes Tiny Teammates

In his most exclusive and most dominating clip yet, this cocky Giant has shrunken down two of his football teammates as punishment for not playing right on the field. Comparing them to his pathetic tiny brother he bullies at home, Mario drops the losers on the floors and in his flip flops begins stomping on them. Taking his flips off, he easily picks them up with his toes, talking about how smelly his feet are and how his size 13s can crush them with no problem. But the punishment has only begun. Throwing them on a glass table so you get POV views of everything, Mario continues to stomp on them with his barefeet. He then proceeds to squash them repeatedly with his fit and massive ass- encasing them with nothing but butt cheeks, and laughing he can fart them away. Multiple angles of Mario's beautiful posterior show him as he keeps sitting on them, finally just resting lazily on the poor littles, and claiming he won't get up for a long time. HOT, intense clip from one of the site's most popular models!


13 minutes

Mario Stomps & Butt Crushes Tiny Teammates

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