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Mario Shrinks Visitor & Eats Him with Cheese

CUSTOM VIDEO --- A visitor arrives at what he thinks is an evil Giantess's home so she can eat him up. He instead discovers Mario, the giantess's boyfriend, standing in the kitchen waiting for him. Mario claims he instead will be the one doing the devouring, and points to his large mouth. "I got a big ass mouth! Perfect size to fit you in." But before this can take place, Mario orders the man to undress. He prefers to eat his prey with no clothes at all. As the man undresses (all POV from his view), Mario goes into the fridge and discovers some cheese. This will be perfect to eat the man with. Mario eats a few bites of the cheese from the sharp knife, and seductively chews it for the man to see. Finally, it's time to shrink the guy down to bite size. As the man shrinks, Mario laughs- and then picks him up and places him in-between cheese slices. He then slowly eats the cheese with the man stuck inside, relishing in the flavor- and even getting some hiccups once the pathetic dude is swallowed whole. Mario finishes the scene by calling his Giantess Girlfriend to let her know he's eaten the guy- and that he's always "hungry for more".


10 minutes

Mario Shrinks Visitor & Eats Him with Cheese

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