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Mario Drops Tiny Bro in Cereal & Eats Him

Mario comes to the breakfast table groggy and tired. As he pours himself some cereal, he notices his 1 inch tall brother sitting by the bowl. "What the fuck is your tiny ass doing here?" Snaps Mario, angry but in a morbid mood. As he gobbles down the cereal, he simply picks up the loser and drops him into the food. "You can't hide from a Giant." Mario says casually. The dark undertones of the fact that this is his own worthless brother heighten the scene as Mario easily lands the munchkin into his huge, massive mouth. Sticking his tongue out to show mushed up cereal, saliva and his own brother clinging to it. Mario gargles with the milk from the bowl, and gets a bad case of the hiccups before finally swallowing his brother down his gullet. 


13 minutes

Mario Drops Tiny Bro in Cereal & Eats Him

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