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Lucas Watches TV: Barefeet, Verbal, Mouthplay

THEMES: Barefeet, Verbal, Taunting, Hiccups, Vore, Belly Bloat


FILE DESCRIPTION: Lucas kicks back barefoot and makes fun of Giants chasing tinies in cartoons. He can't help but compare himself to the Giant. He also see's that his friend Oliver is trapped inside the show, and mocks him. "He's getting swallowed haha into the belly!" He wiggles his toes and he smirks more and more. The next section features Lucas watching Giants, while foot torturing a plastic horse. "Stupid little horsey, like smelling stinky feet?" Laughing harder, he stomps on it over and over. The last section has Lucas pick up the now shrunken plastic horse and toss it deep down his throat, causing hiccups. He easily picks it out of his maw, only to drop it back in. You can see how massive the jock's throat, tongue and neck muscles are. Eventually, the little plastic is swallowed down to Lucas's stomach, which just makes him laugh harder. 


More videos with jocks watching TV about Giants, while becoming one themselves or comparing themselves are getting popular. This experimental video has LOADS of close ups from Lucas's big feet right in your POV. He also does say "oops!" repeatedly sometimes for sarcasm. 



18 minutes

Lucas Watches TV: Barefeet, Verbal, Mouthplay

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