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Lucas the Unaware Giant

With his feet kicked up on his coffee table, Lucas talks on the phone with his friend. "Dude my feet stink so bad right now." He is unaware that tiny people are at his toes as he continues the conversation. "My feet are gross right now. Sweaty. And I keep feeling something tingly under my feet. Not sure what it is." The angles change as the massive feet keep smothering the tinies as the jock talks on. "I feel like a Giant almost. Like stepping on little people or something."


The jock gets on the floor on his stomach and continues his conversation with his big feet right up in the camera. "I feel like Im dragging them with my toes, because they're so small haha." Still unaware of what they are, Lucas doesn't realize tiny people are trapped between his toes. Soon the cocky jock, shirtless, still on the phone- changes position, where he ends up smothering the tinies under his tight brown shorts. And bouncing up and down on them. "Do you want me to bounce up and down? HAHAAH!" Lucas laughs on the phone with his friend, as the tinies now are stuck under his massive butt. 


Next, Lucas stretches out on his bed - still on the phone. "Maybe I should scratch my body with these little things", he says smirking. His hairy chest has all of them tangled and the angles keep showing as some even get stuck in his armpits! "My pits are fucking ripe right now", he laughs on the phone. "Maybe I can make my stomach jerk up and down- that would be cool haha! They would tumble down!" Lucas jerks his hairy stomach up and down, and sure enough- tinies fall. 


After hanging up the phone, Lucas discovers one unfortunate tiny and grins- swallowing him whole- into his stomach. One of the most intense unaware videos in JFP History. 


Themes: Unaware, Verbal, Barefeet, Butt Crush, Armpit Play, Body Exploration 


15 mins, 30 sec

Lucas the Unaware Giant

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