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Lucas Shrinks Loser Friend

Lucas was an avid gamer jock. His friend came over one day and the two made a bet. "The winner gets to do anything he wants to the loser." The friend loses, and Lucas- his sweaty barefeet kicked up towards the camera as he plays his game giggling, knows exactly what the fitting punishment will be. A shrink ray.


"How's it feel to be under your friend's stinky ass feet haha! You always liked them." Laughs a Giant Lucas, who has shrunk down his friend down to an inch tall. The tiny is now at the mercy of Lucas the Giant, who stomps on him hard on the coffee table before throwing him on the floor and stomping him again. Giggling, Lucas picks up the loser and bites towards him. "Haha I could eat you, but we should keep playing." He scotch tapes the tiny to his feet and walks around with him. 


Lucas takes the tiny in his office where he proceeds to take off his shirt, and throw the little into his hairy navel, armpits, and back under his sweaty feet. Then he takes off his shorts and butt crushes on him. "Aw, sorry dude! Didn't see you down there." He sits on him more and more before taking him back to his open maw. He licks on him, rolls him around his big tongue, and swallows him whole- rubbing his bloated stomach with his friend now trapped inside him forever.


Massive opening for one of the site's hottest new Giants! Multiple themes and verbal domination. 


Themes include: Foot Stomping, Shrinking, Vore, Mouthplay, Armpit Play, Butt Crush, Navel Play & Verbal Humiliation


21 minutes

Lucas Shrinks Loser Friend

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