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Lucas's Hairy Body Worship

23 minutes


THEMES: Live Action, POV, Jock, Worship, Barefeet, Armpits, Stink, Hairy Chest, Shower, Hot Tub, Consensual, Interactive


"Yeah you wanna sniff this hairy body?" Lucas teases you, rubbing his very hairy chest. He wakes up in the scene, stretches in just red swim trunks, and goes to the sink before heading into the shower. "Yeah, smell it. Smell that sweaty fur." He rubs his pecs and you get a ring size seat as you feel you're right there in the room with him. He begins rubbing his armpits too. "Fuck yeah, look at how smelly they are." 


"Come closer- get a GOOD whiff", he teases you. He rubs his other armpit. "Yeah smell that- so fucking stinky." Lucas begins taunting the camera man to smell his chest, and the cameraman loves it. 


"Oh you're such a beast!" The cameraman says. He feels Lucas's biceps. 


"Get in there more", Lucas says- he's right up close now! The jock then gets into his huge walk in glass shower, and rubs soap on his chest, as hot water glistens down his beautiful frame. 


After shower comes the hot tub. Lucas fills the jacuzzi up and the cameraman gives the stud a foot massage (which lasts minutes!!!), with suds everywhere! Lucas continues to rub down his body with more body wash, as the bubbles rise. His hairy chest is now a complete forest of soap, water and masculinity.

Lucas's Hairy Body Worship

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