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Lucas Punishes Tiny Dentist

19 mins, 30 sec




THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, Mouthplay, Vore, Foot Play, Hairy Chest Play, Armpit, Verbal, POV


Lucas just got back from the dentist and he is PISSED. The doctor refused to treat him due to lack of insurance. As punishment, he shrinks the greedy doctor and brings the frail man home. Holding him in his meaty hands he slowly plays with and crushes the man with his palm.


“I can do whatever I want to you, ya fucker” Then without warning he SLAMS the dentist into his furry, mountainous chest. 


“Do they feel huge, I bet I can crush you with them. Yeah I am going to crush you with my huge pecs” He says laughing. Lucas then starts to flex and his massive chest compresses the tiny man. Harder and harder he presses showing off the years of the gym. Finally he releases the man. Yet the playtime only started.


Bringing the tiny man to his arm, he shoves the Dentist’s head in the crook of his elbow and FLEXES.


“Yeah how does it feel with your tiny head getting smashed by my HUGE biceps” He says, that rock hard mountain just demolishing the tinies head. Releasing the man he flips him over and starts crushing his legs. 


“Yeah, you feel the pressure of my MASSIVE biceps,  how's it feel to be crushed?” He taunts the tiny dentist. Slowly pulling him out, he then shoves the man without warning into his furry armpit. He rubs his arm back and forth, rubbing the sweat all on the tiny man.


“Man I just got back from the gym so it is really slimy” He laughs as he torments the dentist. Lucas refuses to give the tiny a break and immediately starts bending his arms. Toying with the tiny man between his GIANT hands he bends and contorts the greedy dentist. 


“Yeah I could just break your arm right now, just a little bit and SNAP. You are so fucking fragile, I could just bend them or BREAK that neck….But I am not going to do that. Too quick” He says before sending the man into his other furry pit. 


“Yeah smell that, breathe in it while I crush your legs” he torments the man as he bends and squeezes the man’s legs. If there was a circle of hell for tinies, he would be the head demon. 


“You know since you are little bitch what if I crush you with my feet” He asks before dropping the man onto the bed and SLAMMING his foot on top. 


“Yeah you little bitch, get crushed by my massive feet” he squeezes the tiny man with his toes and lifts him high into the air before letting go. 


“Ooops, aww you want to be let go. Well it is too fucking LATE” He yells at the man. His feet SMASHING onto him once more. The tiny man is tossed, smacked, and kicked around by Lucas’s TITANIC soles as he continues to taunt the poor man. His dirty, sweaty soles just rubbing all over the shrunken man, coating the tiny in his foot filth. 

Time goes so slow for the shrunken dentist as Lucas just dominates and destroys him. The foot lifts and the dentist thinks he is getting a break. He is very wrong. Lucas starts to rub his stomach…


“Man I am getting really really hungry” Lucas says as he starts to tear off the clothes of the tiny. With a sensual slowness, he licks his plump, pink lips in anticipation. Carefully, he puts the screaming dentist into his mouth and sucks. Savoring the flavor of his own foot juices mixed with the tears and sweat of the tiny man. Each limb is carefully cleaned and sucked. Even going so far as shoving the man’s leg down his throat before pulling him out. 


“Mmmmmmmmm” Lucas love’s the taste of broken men. 


Ready to end the greedy dentist, Lucas snaps his fingers and the man is even smaller. Without a second thought. The furry titan tosses the man into his wet, slimy mouth. His pink lips forming a pit from which none escape. That massive tongue SLAMMING the tiny along his cheeks and roof of his mouth. Lucas will taste everything this man has to offer. Occasionally, he lightly bites down to hear a scream before resuming the tongue play. Groans and moans of pleasure can be heard from Lucas as he loses his thoughts in the orgasmic taste of the tiny man. Opening his mouth one last time, he gives the tiny man one good look of the outside world…




The tiny is sent down to the massive Jock’s stomach. What he will become is unknown, could be ass fat, could be muscles, could be another hair on the forest of a chest. Lucas pats his stomach in amusement. Happy to get some high quality protein. 


“Now you are just inside me” he says as he hiccups a bit. Clearly the little man is flailing in the stomach. Trying his best to get out. Yet it is only a matter of time before he is gone. 


“No more dentist telling me no” Lucas says as he grins. His handsome face betrays the sense of cruelty he just performed. 


Adapted by MaxTiny.

Lucas Punishes Tiny Dentist

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