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Lucas Blows Up & Crushes Balloons

THEMES: Balloons, Barefoot Stomping, Muscle Crush, Butt Crush, Verbal


Lucas is playfully having fun blowing up balloons, and destroying them. "Stupid ass pitiful balloons haha", the jock says. He's shirtless, exposing his muscular hairy chest. Every time he blows a balloon up, he huffs and puffs, and you can see how powerful he really is. The first balloons suffer from getting sat on. Lucas easily bounces on the bed and POP! They're gone. Then he decides to chest crush them, blowing another one up with a smirk on his face. When he finally pops it, he can't help but say "Oops! HAHA Oh well." The camerman asks why Lucas likes popping balloons, to which the Giant Jock nonchalantly says "Cause they're balloons. They can't do anything about it." After a pitiful green balloon gets the air squeezed out of it until it's very small, the jock mockingly puts it in his mouth and pretends to swallow it whole, bloating his belly out. 


The last two balloons are blown up to massive proportions, and this time Lucas simply puts his barefoot on them before jumping on them with both feet, causing them to pop into oblivion. 


NOTE: If you're into the balloon fantasy with jocks crushing and stomping, email us for customs. Lucas had fun with this and wouldn't mind doing it again. 



13 minutes

Lucas Blows Up & Crushes Balloons

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