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Logan Watches TV: Burping, Spitting, Vore

16 minutes


THEMES: Vore, Burping, Hiccups, Verbal, Spitting, Mouth Play


NEW Logan video features the blonde dominant jock watching TV about Giants, and mocking his defenseless tiny roommate in the process. "I promise I won't put you in my mouth- oh OOPS!" And in goes the tiny loser, down the jock's gullet. "BURRRPPPPP!! HIC! HICCUP!" Logan finds the tiny trapped in his throat. "Fuck I think he's stuck in my throat. Can you guys look?" He opens his massive mouth wide for the camera, showing his purple-pink tongue and a deep cavern. His hazel green eyes alluring us and the tiny nowhere to be found. Suddenly he hiccups him back out. 

He reacts to the same movie repeatedly, but the punishment for his tiny roommate gets worse. Logan even eats an apple and spits on the speck before "accidentally" tossing him back into his maw, only to once again regurgitate him back from his throat. He kicks back in dirty white socks the whole time. This video was filmed in 2017, and is part of JFP archives. Experimental and TOTALLY hot! LOTS of burping and hiccups. Lots of tongue action! 

Logan Watches TV: Burping, Spitting, Vore

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