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Logan Tortures & Swallows Tiny Roommate (Mkv)

Logan the cocky jock kicks back and flexes his muscles and biceps. He's truly a blonde God out of this world. He mocks how tiny his 1/2 inch roommate is - and compares the little to his massive hand. He even places him inbetween his armpits and on top of his muscular arm. Eventually though, Logan begins toying with the idea that this little dude is bite size! He pops him inside his massive mouth multiple times, opening up his maw to reveal a huge pink tongue, deep throat and big white teeth. The little gets stuck on the tongue, covered in saliva. Logan finds himself putting the little shrunken man so far back his mouth, he gets a bad case of the hiccups. This causes the little dude to be thrown down into Logan's chest area, and then back out of his mouth. Logan laughs at this. "Little fucking midget bitch loves the torture. Back in my mouth you go! Pussy!" After also being helplessly licked on by Logan's slimy tongue, he's swallowed all the way down whole. VERY interactive and hot vore clip, with mouth closeups and domination


Mkv Version


14 minutes

Logan Tortures & Swallows Tiny Roommate (Mkv)

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