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Logan the Giant Stomps Tiny Village (Mkv)

Logan discovers a tiny, shrunken city in the midst of his bathroom. He's already barefoot and in a cocky mood during this discovery, and taunts how he's like a Giant from Jack and the Beanstalk compared to the puny village below his size 12 feet. "More like Jock and the Beanstalk", he laughs. His whole foot is the entire length of the city's skyline, and in an intense slowmotion sequence he easily knocks over all of the buildings. "Oh, Oops! Sorry about that!" As he sarcastically apologizes that he won't do it again, he becomes more Tipsy with power. He kicks the buildings over again. He then notices a pathetic little car at his feet, and easily smashes it with his big toe. He continues to destroy the whole frame of the vehicle with his back heel, and continues to stomp the little people along the way. Even getting on the floor, he is a Giant not to be messed with. HOT, verbal clip with special effects added to enhance the sounds of the buildings as they are toppled over, and the sound of the car as it's helplessly humiliated under a smelly jock foot. 


13 minutes

Logan the Giant Stomps Tiny Village (Mkv)

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