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Logan Talks About His Mouth

10 mins 30 sec.


THEMES: Mouth Play, Vore, Gummy Bear, Q & A, Cameraman Direction, Muscle 


For the all the Mouth and Vore fans that are looking for something more intimate this one's for you!


Logan is being interviewed to be the next BIG model. Sitting on a stool, he discusses his life with the cameraman. One thing leads to another and he quickly removes his shirt showing off his perfect, golden body. As he chats, he talks about how food is the most important thing to looking good. Eating a balanced diet, keeping to a strict routine, and much more. 


As they continue to talk about his life, the mood shifts and the camera moves up to his plump lips. Ready to show off his pearly chompers, Logan happily opens his mouth. The camera zooms in to show off all he has to offer. His long, red tongue stretching out past his lips. His soft palette quakes as he continues to breathe. The clashing of his teeth as he slams his chiseled jaw shut. He knows he is hot and clearly displays his alpha attitude for all. 


Slamming his teeth together, he forces spit through the gaps. Huge amounts of saliva are produced and drip off his lips. When he opens massive rivers of spittle ooze across his wet cavern. His long tongue folding and rolling up as he displays off his skills. He clears off his teeth with that wet appendage and starts talking about what he would do to a tiny man. 


Happily to fulfill the fantasy, he is given a gummy bear and asked to demonstrate. Popping the sugary candy into his mouth, he immediately starts to play with it. The saliva causes the candy to glisten within. His teeth dig slightly into the soft gelatin as he compresses and toys with the food. As he continues to toy and play the gummy slowly disintegrates from within. 


Logan stops playing and begins to chomp down onto the gummy. His massive teeth tearing through the candy and turning it into mush. Up and down his jaw moves, each time smashing the gummy into smaller and smaller pieces. It only takes a few seconds and the once whole creature is nothing but a pile of sugar. The remains oozing in between his teeth and more as the wet slurping noises are captured in full detail. Logan rolls back his tongue and the camera zooms in on his throat. 




His adam’s apple shifts and sends the remains down his chest and into his stomach. The titan tracing the path for all to see. Tucked behind the abs, the gummy disintegrates. Just more calories for the hot jock. 


Adapted by MaxTiny.


Logan Talks About His Mouth

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