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Logan Eats Helpless Gummy Bears

 Logan has stumbled upon some truly pathetic creatures- little tiny Gummy bears. They're helpless, and the Giant is hungry. Easily popping them into his massive, wet mouth one by one- Logan can't help but laugh at their expense. "Stupid ass tiny, defenseless gummy bears!" His pink tongue easily licking one just to torture it. The cocky jock also begins letting out massive, loud belches as more of the littles get tossed down his gullet. He also gets a bad case of the hiccups. Kicking his smelly, dirty white socks up on the table- Loganfinds it fun to use one of the Gummy Bears to press against his feet before eating it. "You'd love me to mail this gummy bear to you, wouldn't you?" He teases the audience. Amazing clip with verbal domination, belching, hiccups, eating and mouthplay- with Logan's big feet as an added bonus!


11 minutes

Logan Eats Helpless Gummy Bears

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