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Logan Drops Tiny into Cereal & Eats Him

Logan the careless jock talks about how he's a big, hungry stud with a big appetite. As he pours milk into cereal, he begins looking for his tiny, puny roommate everyone makes fun of. "Stupid bitch-ass is always hiding somewhere", Logan smirks. He then realizes the tiny is in one of his cereal boxes. Logan casually drops the tiny into his cereal, and begins playing with him in the milk. He then lifts the spoon full of cheerios and the loser towards his face. "Into my mouth you go!" Logan laughs. The tiny is thrown in, and on the huge pink tongue is tossed around. Logan spits him back out and fake apologizes for being so clumsy- then does it again. During all this humiliation, Logan also gets a case of belches- some of which he belches right on his puny roommate. He even gets the hiccups. The tiny keeps getting stuck in the back of Logan's throat, causing the jock to look cluelessly at the camera. "Where'd he go! Oh fuck, there he is!" Logan then swallows him whole, patting his stomach.


15 minutes

Logan Drops Tiny into Cereal & Eats Him

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