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Liam Stomps & Eats Tiny StepBro

21 minutes


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, Unaware, Barefoot Stomping, Barefoot Play, Burping, Hiccups, Food Stuffing, Vore, Verbal Domination


Liam can’t find his tiny step brother anywhere! As he talks to his buddy on the phone, his giant size 11 sandaled feet keep unawarely crushing the loser. “He’s such an idiot dude, I should just make him smell these stinky ass toes haha!”


Once Liam discovers his tiny bro, he continues to smother him under his big feet. Then he proceeds into the living room, and puts the little green gummy bro between his sweaty toes. Wiggling them, Liam starts burping and getting the hiccups. The power of his hiccups especially cause the jock’s legs and feet to BOLT and JOLT, squeezing the poor little dude.


“I promise to let you HICCUP!!! BURRWPP!! Out bro- hahaha! Just BURRPPP A little more.” Liam is hungry for power though, and continues these bizarre games. As the scene goes to Liam eating bread and talking with his mouth full, it’s evident he has already eaten his little bro. And as his burps intensify, he talks about the loser stuck in his stomach. 


Hot clip for both foot and burping fans. No VORE scene is actually ever seen, but Liam does eat food and talks about how the tiny is trapped in his belly. 

Liam Stomps & Eats Tiny StepBro

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