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Liam Burps on Helpless Gummies

15 minutes


THEMES: Giant Jock, Shrinking, Mouth Play, Vore,  Gummy Bears, Burping, Hiccups, Verbal Domination 


Liam discovers a group of helpless little gummy bears in his kitchen. He proceeds to eat them one by one, sometimes taking larger handfuls. He starts getting REALLY loud burps, back to back. He needs no soda to get the belches. He is so powerful, they come up on their own.


The Giant also catches some major hiccups, and opens his mouth wide to show off his tongue and all the munched up little gummy bears. “BURRPPPPP!!! Oh fuck dude, my bad. I promise I won’t BURRPPPPP on you little dudes anymore haha! BURRPP-HICCUP!!!”


A very intense 15 minutes of nonstop burping and gummy action!

Liam Burps on Helpless Gummies

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