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Leo Turns Bro into Chewing Gum

Leo toys with his half inch brother in his massive hands. "You little runt, you like being in my big ass mouth huh?" Tossing him in carelessly, Leo moans as his huge pink tongue covers the tiny in clear salvia. You can easily see the Giant's throat vibrate whenever the jock laughs. "I can change you into anything with the snap of my fuckin fingers dude!" Leo demonstrates by doing just that, and soon the loser is bubble gum. Back in the mouth he goes, being chewed up, slobbered on, taunted and humiliated. Leo starts blowing bubbles with him. "Hahaha I'm going to get all my buddies over here, and we're all gonna take turns chewing your tiny ass." After some more torture, Leo swallows the runt down to his stomach. 


10 minitues

Leo Turns Bro into Chewing Gum

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