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Leo The Giant Lifeguard

LEO the jock returns, this time as a cruel lifeguard. The 6'1 stud discovers a tiny boat by the pool and realizes it leads to a tiny dock, with tiny people. He brings them up to his room and decides to have a little Giant fun. "You puny fucks! I'm supposed to be a lifeguard and yet, I'm gonna crush your puny ass boat hahaa!" His massive sandaled foot comes smashing down on the tiny, tan boat and it's instantly smashed. He keeps stomping on the dock until it also becomes a wasteland. He kicks his flips off and talks about how stinky his feet are, as they grind into the beach town people.


Later Leo gets on the bed and places the tinies inbetween his toes, and even tosses a few into his mouth- opening up to reveal once again that massive pink tongue and those savory lips. He swallows one down and forces another tiny onto his belly button. "Can you hear them screaming in my stomach ahahaha" Leo laughs uncontrollably, rubbing his belly as the tiny is trapped on top of his tan, smooth stomach. A clip NOT to be missed! NOTE: Sometimes the camera angles will switch around to add to the POV effects. 


12 minutes

Leo The Giant Lifeguard

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