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Leo Swallows Tiny Roommate

Leo the cruel jock roommate discovers his shrunken flat mate and his tiny car on his huge table. He decides to have some fun, being he's a huge Giant. "You see this little guy?" Leo asks deviously, snatching the tiny vehicle in his hand. "What would you do if I just took it- and swallowed it?" Before the tiny can do anything, the car is casually tossed into Leo's huge, pink mouth. Leo laughs, rolling it around his tongue, sticking it out to mock the tiny before gulping it down. "I'm sorry loser. I didn't mean to swallow your car. You little runt. But I DO mean to do this haha", and suddenly Leo's massive pink tongue comes out of his mouth and his roommate is smothered in saliva and tossed into the cavernous mouth. Moaning in pleasure, Leo tosses the loser around his mouth like he's an edible dessert.  Eventually, after much mouth torture, Leo gets bored and swallows him.  "I don't know what you're doing down in my tummy haha", as he rubs his belly and laughs hysterically. 


15 minutes

Leo Swallows Tiny Roommate

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