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Leo's Unaware Foot Crush

As Leo's shrunken roommate lies struggling on the carpet, the mighty God makes a phone call to a frat friend wondering where the little runt is. As he talks, his foot casually glides over the minion. Then Leo starts to laugh about the midget's predicament. "I'm a God compared to him. He could literally go inbetween my toes if he wanted to haha." He makes fun of how he and the other jock roommates are always picking on him for no reason, just because he's "a little bitch". Half an inch tall. Worthless. "He deserves when ever I fucking stomp on him. He deserves it cause he's nothing." From sandals to barefeet, the torture continues. "The next time I see him, I'm fucking swallowing him. And he's gonna rattle in my stomach. And he's gonna fucking stay there." A merciless Giant. A helpless roommate.


9 minutes

Leo's Unaware Foot Crush

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