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Leo Mouth Tortures Shrunken Roommate in Cherries

Leo the hot jock sits down and see's his little loser roommate on the table. "In the land of cherries, huh?" He playfully drops him inside. "Wanna play in my cherries little guy?" "You like the way it feels in the back of my throat huh? When a cherry goes down my gullet! Hahah!" Then Leo starts smothering his roommate with lick after lick. The massive, purple-pink tongue violates the tiny, and then he slides back into the Giant's huge mouth. He makes obnoxious slurping sounds, moaning noises, and anything else a barbaric pig would make as he's savoring his meal. This is NOT a vore video to be missed! 


16 minutes

Leo Mouth Tortures Shrunken Roommate in Cherries

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