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Kyle vs Helpless Gummy Village

16 minutes


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, Muscle Flex, Verbal, Foot Crushing, Sandals, Vore, Armpit, Chest Play, Belly Button, Hiccups


Kyle has just gotten back from an intense workout at the gym. His tan body glistened from the sweat. Wanting to cool off he peels his shirt off and flexes in the mirror. The massive muscles bulge and his veins pop as he admires his physic.


“I feel like a fucking Giant!” He says as he poses in front of the silver surface. 


A bit thirsty, Kyle heads to the fridge and sees a bunch of gummy people on the floor. Still in the giant mindset a grin stretches across his face. Raising his foot he slams it down onto the transformed men. The heavy STOMP echoing across the floor as the gummies compress under the extreme weight.  




Kyle really gets into crushing the transformed men before he slides off his flip flop and begins to use his toes. Splaying out his toes, he grabs some of the transformed tinies and really squeezes them. Their sugary bodies disorting and oozing between the gaps. 


“Yeah you like these big stinky feet” Kyle says as he uses his foot to scoop some of the tinies into his flip-flop.


The transformed gummies rolled into the center of the shoe. The worn out insole showing the outline of his heavy, large feet. Sliding his foot back in, he continues to smash the little people into the shoe. Their bodies formed a nice sweet, cushioned insole for the giant man. As he laughs at them, he takes a seat. Reaching out he picks up littles and places them in between each toe. His feet are so large he can fit more than one in some of the gaps. 


“Man I could just squish each and everyone of you so easily between my big, stinky feet” Kyle says as he flexes his toes, really enjoying their bodies breaking under his power. As he relaxes he gets a whiff from his armpit. 


“Oh man my armpits are so fucking sweaty” Kyle says as he reaches out and shoves a handful of transformed men into his hairy pit. Their bodies turn to go as they melt from the heat and liquid within. Not satisfied, he gives them a full tour of his massive frame. Rubbing the men all over his chest and stomach. Taking a sniff of the tinies, he feels his stomach gurgle. 


One by one Kyle picks up and consumes the tiny men. Their sugary bodies are melted and transformed into raw jock food. 


“Who’s next” he says as he chews and swallows more and more of the terrified men. His massive wet tongue and gnashing teeth made quick work of them. Finally he has consumed them all and pats his stomach. 


“I am soo fucking full man” 




Adapted by MaxTiny @ Discord.

Kyle vs Helpless Gummy Village

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