Kyle's Cereal Vore & Belly Bloating

12 minutes


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, Vore, Laughing, Belly Bloating, Hiccups


Mornings suck but there are ways to make it better. Kyle has just finished his morning workout and pauses in front of his mirror. Standing in his tight purple briefs he flexes, his muscles rippling with every movement. Feeling a rumble in his stomach, he heads to the kitchen to make breakfast. Pouring out a bowl of cereal he takes a seat and pulls out his secret ingredient: Tiny Men.


A giant like himself only gets the most pure form of protein. These tiny people are filled with bodybuilding nutrients and crazy amounts of flavor. Laughing as they squirm and flail he drops them into the bowl of cereal. With a smile on his face he digs in. That metal spoon clanking against the bowl as he searches for the tiny men. They squirm and try to escape but nothing will stop the ravenous Kyle. Spoonful after spoonful is consumed. His teeth crunching and demolishing all. The once visible tinies turned to paste in his mouth. Tiling his head back and 




They are gone. In a brief moment these once living beings are sent to their doom in the jock’s stomach. Their lives dissolved away to build the muscle of a greater being. Kyle doesn’t stop, he continues to consume those in front of him. He cares not for their feelings or their cries of mercy. The only thing that matters is filling his empty stomach. Shoving in another mouthful he messily chews the food. That cavernous mouth filled with crushed cereal, tiny bodies, and foamin