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Kyle Lets Tiny Play Inside Mouth

5 mins, 30 sec


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, Mouth Play, POV, Tongue, Consensual




Kyle lets a tiny explore the inside of this mouth in a gentle, consensual and playful manner. Angles include showcasing all of the jock's white, strong teeth and Kyle giggling as the little has a bit of a struggle going in and out on the pink tongue.


“Hey buddy!” Kyle says excitingly as he sees a tiny adventurer. 


As one of the few friendly giants around, he loves to entertain littles that approach him. Lifting the tiny up onto his hand he opens his mouth and let’s the tiny explore. His massive teeth are like white boulders, his wet tongue dripping in salvia, and his plump lips like pillows. It is a tinies dream. 


“You like it, is it minty? I keep it super fresh” Kyle says as he blows on the tiny man. 


The heavy winds echo in the ears as it whips past the tiny man. Kyle’s facial hair rippled in the gale. He pulls the tiny in closer and opens his mouth extra wide. That dark chasm of a throat in full display. Strings of saliva web across the moist cavern and his wet tongue playfully flicking about. 


“My tongue is really big, you'll like it for sure” Kyle says before sticking out his wet, pink tongue. 


It is massive, easily taking up the bulk of his chin as he curls and plays with it. He is eager to please the brave adventurer. Showing off all aspects of his amazing body. Lying back, Kyle picks up the tiny man and dangles him overhead. His maw opens wide as he playfully drops the tiny in and out of his mouth. That massive tongue tickling the tinies feet. 


“Hey buddy how is it?” He always asks to make sure the little man is having a good time. 


Gnashing his teeth together, he displays the power of those massive structures. Tapping them and showing how firm they are. Even inviting the little explorer to touch and feel them himself. Each tap resonating in his cavernous maw. The white teeth are larger than the man. With a little flick, Kyle tosses the explorer into his gaping wet mouth. Letting the man land on his tongue. 


“You know I could swallow you” Kyle says playfully. Carefully tossing the tiny man around his wet mouth. 


Kyle savors each and every flavor of the little explorer. Getting a little rough as he presses the man against his cheeks, teeth, and under his tongue. The whole time describing how it feels to have the little man in his mouth. 


“Don’t be scared, I won’t swallow you” Kyle reassures the tiny man he is safe. This is all just fun and games. Kyle keeps repeating that it is fine and he isn’t going to eat him. The tiny man freaking out a bit at the whole experience. After Kyle has his fun, he takes the tiny man out and holds him up to his face. 


“Ok little man, meet again next time that was fun” Kyles says with a loveable grin. The tiny man quickly agrees, forever changed for the better from this awesome adventure. 



Kyle Lets Tiny Play Inside Mouth

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