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Kevin Swallows Loser StepDad

14 minutes


THEMES: M/M, Giants, Shrinking, Barefoot Play, Mouth Play, Vore, Burping, Verbal, Strawberries, Tiny Car


“Damn Dad, all these years you were being a fucking jerk to me and thought you ran things. Now look at you. I SHRUNK your ass.” 


Kevin plays a college skater boy who is fed up with his StepDad’s annoying control issues. So the jock simply shrinks him down, and has fun showing how much more powerful he is now! Especially since Dad isn’t nearly as young and fit as his athletic son- a God in every way. 


“And that fucking car you got me for my bDAY?”



Kevin smashes it with his hand. Then Puts his Dad between his stinky feet as Kevin wears jeans. “How does it feel to have your son be a BIG ass Giant, and you’re nothing hahaha!”


The jock then takes out a huge platter of strawberries, and starts stuffing his inch tall Dad into the fruit as he gorges on them. Burping between words, as you see the little legs stick out of the fat berries, going into Kevin’s selfish mouth. 


Finally Kevin gets bored and swallows him down to his muscular stomach. 

Kevin Swallows Loser StepDad

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