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Kevin's Tiny Assistant

15 minutes


THEMES: Giants, Tiny, POV (no little gummy or plastic person); Barefeet Play, Mouth Play, Muscle Play, Armpit Explore, Verbal


"Bro, I agreed to this testing- but dude you're so small that we have to do it on my terms, my way. You're so helpless bro. You can explore my body but you're so little. Nothing at all."


Kevin has agreed to a medical experiment, where an inch tall assistant explores all of the giant's body parts- starting with the jock's big sweaty feet. From there, Kevin lays down on the couch and the tiny climbs on his bare chest. 


"Yea sniff my sweaty armpits too. Hella hairy- it's like a forest!" The tiny continues, until he has the jock open really wide and breath heavily. The POV is very close and intense, and you see right into the jock's throat and tongue. "Watch me also eat this bag of popcorn."


The Giant munches on the food as the tiny can hear every crackle and pop of the jock's teeth. 


Done as a commission.

Kevin's Tiny Assistant

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