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Kevin & Ryan Swallow Tiny Loser + Q & A

20 minutes + 7 min Q & A (27 mins total)


THEMES: Dual Verbal Jocks, Giants, Shrinking, Mouth Play, Tongue Play, Vore, Burping, Muscle Explore, Revenge, Alternate Endings where each Jock gets a chance to swallow the Tiny


Kevin and Ryan are fed up with their roommate Silas. 


“Bro you haven’t paid rent in months dude. You gotta get your stuff and get outta here bro.”


“Yea dude, like we’re cool but you can’t be slacking’ like that.” The two jocks stand before Silas (POV) and confront him for being cheap. Finally Kevin takes out a remote and shrinks the loser down to one inch tall.


“Maybe you would learn some discipline if you spent some time in our big fucking mouths!” Kevin smirks. 


Each jock then takes a turn mouth playing with Silas. They lick on him, swirl him around to the back of their throats- all while being very verbal. “MMM you taste good Silas. Like ice cream.” Ryan smirks, opening wide. Kevin burps on him multiple times.


Then the two jocks fight over who gets to swallow Silas and eat him for good.


“I’m doing it bro”, says Kevin.


“Nah bro, I’m eating the little loser” yells Ryan. Both boys continue to argue and then Ryan snatches Silas and gobbles him down to his stomach.


In an alternate ending, Kevin swallows Silas and pats his muscular stomach after the tiny is being digested.


Followed by a really funny 7 minute RAW Q & A with the director asking the models how they enjoyed the shoot, and if they would really eat a tiny in real life and how!


NOTE: The camera gets shaky here, and there are a lot of cuts. The blocking was not quite what I wanted, but there is still plenty of juice here to enjoy! Throughout the video, the clip will mute sometimes so the camera direction is not in play and you can enjoy staying in the moment. 


Kevin & Ryan Swallow Tiny Loser + Q & A

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