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Kevin- "Honey, I Shrunk Our Son!"

15 minutes, Commission 


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, POV, Mouth Play, Vore, Cereal, Burping, Unaware, Two (2) Alternate Endings, Slo-Mo Special Effects, Sound Effects, Original Music 


A scientist accidentally shrinks his son with his new Shrink Ray he just invented. He knocks on his next door neighbor's door. Kevin, a 20 year-old chill jock, opens it.


"Hi Kevin! I'm your neighbor from down the hall. I think I accidentally shrunk my son Timmy! Have you seen him?" The nervous inventor asks. 


"Nah dude, I haven't." Kevin answers nonchalantly. 


"Well if you happen to find him, please let me know. He's only about an inch tall now. I really appreciate it."


Kevin nods politely, but slams the door. The jock has no interest whatsoever in finding Timmy. "What type of idiot shrinks his own son? Stupid ass loser." The jock starts to make breakfast. Cereal and milk, a classic choice.


Poor Timmy is indeed in the apartment, and falls right into the bowl of milk that Kevin is about to consume. The unaware jock doesn't notice him at all, as he pours cereal over the milk and begins to munch away on it. As he does, he keeps taunting the whole situation.


"Dude it's a big ass jungle out there. That little bro ain't never gonna get found." 




Kevin keeps eating mouthful after mouthful of cereal. Slow motion allows viewers to hear the echo effects of the milk churning, spoon clinking, and Kevin's own natural body noises.


Eventually, the spoon is lifted - and the jock doesn't even see the loser as he drops him and cereal into his mouth, swallowing him whole. He starts to burp a few times, still bemused by the whole situation. 


In an alternate ending, Kevin discovers Timmy on the spoon before eating him. But he still has plans for the loser.


"Yo I'm leaving you a voicemail to let you know I DID find your dumbass son. He was in my cereal. Now he's in my stomach. Haha not my fault bro." 


Kevin is perfect for the role of the lax skaterboy who is selfish and clueless to his powers, and the clip showcases this with intense closeups of the jock's face as he eats the food. This is a classic scene that JFP has done in the past, and it's nice to see it rebooted. 


Done as a commission. 

Kevin- "Honey, I Shrunk Our Son!"

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