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Ken Stomps Tiny Roommate

11 minutes


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, M/M, Barefoot, Blue Jeans, Sandals, VERBAL, Smelly Feet, Teasing


Ken can't find Jake anywhere! 


"Yeah I haven't seen dude anywhere", Ken says on the phone with a friend. Unaware below, he walks around in his sweaty sandals and keeps crushing his roommate as he complains about him. "Ever since he caught the shrinking virus, it's been harder to find him haha!"


But Ken eventually finds him, and punishes him for being a stupid little whiner. "You always complained about how stinky my feet were before. Well now you get to be up close and personal- with these BIG ASS SMELLY FEET LOL!" He smothers poor Jake over and over with his collosaul soles, eventually taking the sandals off and walking on him barefoot. 


Very simple, to the point story that takes us back to the basics of a big jock torturing a small guy at his Godly soles. 


Ken Stomps Tiny Roommate

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