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Kaden the Jock Teacher Shrinks Student

Kaden the jock teacher calls in one of his puny college students to have a talk about his work ethic and behavior. "I can't help but pick on you myself for being so short. The other bullies do it. I should do it too." His condescending kindness turns into cruel sadistic nature as he soon finds his student shrunken down by his black dress shoes and socks. "Smell my fucking stinky ass socks loser. Yeah, there you go. Weirdo." The tiny cant help but be overwhelmed by his own teacher's sock funk, and soon his little cock is about to explode. Only to his teacher's amusement. "Look at you down there by my big fucking feet." A HOT clip for anyone who has ever had this fantasy.


10 minutes

Kaden the Jock Teacher Shrinks Student

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