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Kaden's Tiny Foot Pet

KADEN the hot jock has no mercy for tiny little losers! "You like your cage you little bitch??" He taunts Kenny, the pathetic pet that's also his roommate, holding up a tarnished old birdcage with a 1/2 inch tall tiny trapped inside. He takes the little outside the cage and towers over him in gym shoes, eventually taking them off to reveal dirty black gym socks. He is a God compared to this pathetic minion. Then he peels off his ripe socks to revealed calloused, manly feet that have a yellow tint from sweat around the heels.  "That's what happens when you work out. You be a big Giant with big stinky feet." He sits back on the floor, flexing his perfect pecks and muscles, putting the tiny inbetween his size 11s and mocking his predicament. "You like sniffing your roommates big smelly feet Kenny? Haha".  Then Kaden puts the loser back in the cage, and walks into the living room. He starts playing with the cage with the tiny trapped inside being bounced around, while his massive feet just cover and manipulate him. All for the Giant's amusement. When Kenny the poor pet is dumped back onto the table, he must sniff and be at the mercy of the Gym God's stinky feet again. "I haven't showered for two days, my feet fucking stink."


14 minutes

Kaden's Tiny Foot Pet

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