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Kaden's Food Stuffing & Belly Bloat

Kaden the hungry jock sits down and begins eating both a Philly Cheesestake and a huge Cheeseburger. Amazing how much food this muscle stud can consume in one sitting. "All this goes straight to my muscles. Unlike you- where it all goes to fat haha". Drinking soda, he exhales and says "Just what I needed. Right down my throat." The hungry, puny roommate watches as Kaden wolfs down his lunch like a pig. He feels small and helpless. "What would happen if I fell in the fries?" His small roommate asks. "I'd probably just eat your ass too." Kade then compares himself to a Giant, and stuffs his face more. "What happens if I don't obey you anymore?" "I'll make you worship my feet. You'll probably get used to that. That'll be your punishment", Kaden says casually. The small roommate asks what it would be like to be swallowed whole by Kaden. He proceeds to tell the loser "you would easily go all the way down to my stomach, and it would tear you apart." After he's eaten the fatty food, he starts letting out a few belches as he bloats his muscular belly out. "Yep, that's a full stomach right here." HOT interactive video where you hear the small roommate interact with Kaden POV style.


15 minutes

Kaden's Food Stuffing & Belly Bloat

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